Sprawozdanie z Massawy znalazło się w biuletynie oddziału PMI w Holandii. Massawa odbyła się w Krakowie, ale mieliśmy szczęście gościć reprezentanta Niderlandów, która podzieliła się swoimi wrażeniami z tej sesji. A było gorąco…

Poniżej fragment relacji.

„I was lucky and I had great opportunity to take part in Massawa game, shortened version of training given by Octigo. Massawa simulates the realization of a complex construction and its purpose is to not teach us PM theory but it is focused on soft skills and increases of awareness of the role of projects.


I saw my role as giving directions and support for PM if needed. Unfortunately other 2 members of the committee wanted to control everything – micromanagement in purest  version. I was completely
shocked and I saw how everyone (including PM) was threatened. For first few minutes no one dare to speak – even PM. Since I hate micromanagement I’ve decided to do something and I gave an advice to my colleagues in committee that maybe this is not what they should do.

I took them on the side and we discussed what we want to achieve. They told me that they are acting that way because no one was working and they felt responsible to take an action. For me it was clear that people were confused since it was a new project, new roles, new rules and instead of hurry them we should help them understand all those aspects and only this will drive us to actions. We did so and we asked our PM to start the project with one thing in mind… 'We are always there for her if needed’.


It was a great pleasure to see them building, making decisions and collaborating. I really enjoyed this training. I was always wondering how I would behave if I had to be in such role – now more or less I
know. I’m happy that I didn’t jump into micromanagement style and was able to trust the project team.”

Autorem relacji jest Małgorzata Krakowian z PMI NL, której serdecznie dziękujemy za ciepłe słowa.

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